Self expression

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with my camera. When images become inadequate, I shall tune in to my guitar and when the strings break, I shall resort to the language of silence”

As kids we were never worried about what we say. If you really observe children you’ll find that they don’t let social etiquettes or the feeling of not hurting the other person get in between their self expression. As we grow, learn more about the world, bag new experiences, we begin to limit ourselves when communicating with people.

Although some of us still have our younger self inside us and don’t fear or embarrass speaking our mind out. These people are often regarded as rude, insensitive but then what they really are, are a breath of fresh air in a world of constant guessing, contemplation and miscommunication.

There is another kind of expression that is wrongly presented as self-expression, the kind we use in media. Our thoughts, words, when speaking in a public medium, are often dependent on ‘what’s in trend’. Let’s not even get to the internet scammers or bullies; but even the general public who hardly post their opinion on trending topics, when they speak of their personal lives, are often analyzing, over analyzing if their ‘self-expression fits the right cut. Any restricted form of expression will not bear the feeling of being connected with one’s inner self, same as a self-expression will have.

To get down to really understanding what stops us from communicating our true thoughts, one must introspect on the famous quote of self-expression i.e. “self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment”.

Now, there are many ways one uses other forms of art for expression of one’s thoughts. Where some use painting, writing, music, others use riding, social service, cooking etc. using a productive medium to communicate one’s thoughts is the best way to deal with life’s unpredictable nature.

Speak the Truth when needed

Very often we leave a conversation feeling we didn’t say what we wanted to say or we fantasize about what we could’ve said. Learn to understand what stops you from speaking your mind in a conversation and work towards overcoming it. Speaking your mind politely and with sensitivity takes a lot of patience and practice.

Don’t find, but, define yourself

People often say, “I need to find my true self”. Well, you are living your “true self” every day. It’s not another person or an event but something you define within you. Hence, think deep and hard about how you would truly define yourself? A person’s experience of life is what defines them and their inner most self, it is expressed through the activities one mostly invests ones time in. So, first define your qualities and then the actions that truly define you.

Learn your choice of art

We all have our ways of expressing; it’s the one thing which makes us really satisfied. Observe what you do after you have had an unsatisfied conversation with someone. Do you listen to music? Do you watch movies? Do you start cooking? Do you pick up a pen and start writing? It may not be immediately but you will know when it happens. This will be your way of expressing which needs to be inculcated in your routine.

Take time to know yourself

How many of us really take some personal time out and think about ourselves? Do you really know what makes you angry? What is that one value that you will not compromise upon? What makes you truly happy?

Take time out and introspect on who you really are and define yourself. It makes things easier for you and people around you to live in harmony.

Pursue your Passion

We often mull over not being happy with what we do or not finding our passion. But passion is something you would have to already be doing; else it’s not your passion. There are some activities that we effortlessly do better than others. That’s where we should look for passion. I had a friend who mulled over not finding a job in engineering for 2 years but jumped with excitement when he got any animation assignment. Most of us would find it a tedious job but he did it quite effortlessly and skillfully. There are many such activities we do, and not realize that our passion has been staring at us all along.

Think about what a peaceful place this world would be if we all found our way of expressing!

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