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"Search 4 Excellence" began in August 2005 and though based in Pune, now has its presence in Indore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Dubai. 

We at S4E believe that people are a concoction of strengths and weaknesses and with a little Guidance & Empowerment everyone can reach their unparalleled and unmatched potential.  This belief has been a cornerstone for everything that we do and are.

From our values, to our family of internal employees and external consultants our sole focus is to facilitate you in your quest for Excellence, Happiness & Success.


We are passionate about assisting you in your search for excellence. Our strong desire and enthusiasm to help you will not stop in face of any difficulty or hurdle. We always keep our eye on the end objective and will uncover your true potential to trigger your empowerment journey.


We are fully committed to you. We are dedicated to honouring all our commitments of quality and results.


We give the utmost importance to continuous creativity and innovation in all our projects and always keep a learning mindset to uncover our and your true potential.


We pledge an open relationship forged with honesty, transparency & trust. 

Customer First

Most importantly we will always keep your needs in the forefront. We will question you to get a complete understanding of your situation and listen to all internal and external customers and consultants without any bias or prejudice. Delivering a solution that is most suited to you.

Our Values

Our Values

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The Family
Trainers & Consultants
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