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Empowerment Coach & Founder

shohrat shankar
shohrat shankar
shohrat shankar
shohrat shankar

SHOHRAT SHANKAR, is our Master Empowerment Coach.

"He Empowers you to transform your life, business, relationships, work & personal growth"


Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Family Man | Proud Parent | Adventure Enthusiast


Shohrat has empowered over 100,000 people, through training and coaching, from over 100 companies in the last 18 years; empowering individuals, small groups of 10 to large audiences of over 1000.

He believes that everyone in this world is unique, with their very own set of varied talents, strengths, experiences, passions, needs and value systems. Training, interacting and coaching such people has helped him explore his potential as a master trainer, coach, entrepreneur and leader.


His journey has been with its ups and downs, failures and successes which have taught him the meaning of Belief, Courage and Empowerment. This journey has given him the knowledge and ability to coach and train others in their journeys towards success.


He is also an avid motorcyclist and adventure enthusiast who has traversed the length and breadth of the country on Two-Wheels. Riding 9000kms solo from Pune to the North-East and back. Leading rides to Kanyakumari, Spiti Valley & Ladakh.


So, If you are an Employee, Entrepreneur, Executive, Parent or someone stuck in a negative cycle and want more out of life and are wondering how, then connect with Shohrat to find out about his coaching & training programs.


If you are an organisation looking to transform its leaders, teams, culture or understand what to do to achieve better business performance and outcomes, then connect with us to know more about our range of corporate offerings.


Let us Empower you in your journey towards Excellence!


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