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What is it?

Organisation transformation and Business consulting are terms used to describe when a consultant works with the leader and stakeholders in the organisation to accelerate business growth and increase profitability by developing customized strategies, plans, processes and systems to achieve the desired goals.

Our Business Consulting will enable your organisation to make various transformations needed to improve performance and quality of the organisation as well as make it a great place to work and thus increase employee retention.

To achieve these objectives we have the following transformation enablers:​

  • ​CHANGE MANAGEMENT : Devise a change process and create a communication strategy as per the DACS model to ensure organisation wide commitment to change.

  • VISION & STRATEGY SETTING : Run workshops to enable the management to clearly identify and define the Vision and long term objectives to be achieved and accordingly devise a step by step strategy to achieve the transformation. Implement plans to drive organisation awareness and commitment.

  • CULTURE SETTING WORKSHOP : For major organisation transformation it is important to align the culture with Vision and strategy. For which it is first important to define the cultural changes needed and then build a communication strategy for the required culture to become a way of life. This requires workshops, Leadership development, communication plans and changes in systems and processes to facilitate the change in culture.

  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT : Performance improvement is a goal for every business; however, in order to achieve that final outcome there are many smaller performance metrics that need to be documented & measured, that need to be included as KPIs. To work towards achieving the goals and objectives set out, it is important to identify the critical metrics that will empower the organisation towards improvement and growth. We work with the business units to identify and narrow down the relevant indicators.

  • SETTING WORKFLOWS & CHECKLISTS : Talking about change, performance, and culture is easy; however, any change requires a change in workflows, processes, systems, MIS, quality checklists,etc. We work with all departments and business units to redefine the workflows, create quality checklists, design SOPs and identify clear ways of measuring the improvement needed.

  • L & D INTERVENTIONS Any change requires a strong support of Skills, Knowledge and Attitude in the employees. We identify the gaps and accordingly design interventions, training programs and coaching plans that develop the employees and leaders towards the desired goals.


  • HR SYSTEMS & PROCESSES : For any growth or improvement in an organisation, it is important that the employees are well taken care of. Along with identifying the systems and processes that can create a motivated and loyal workforce, it is also important to hire the right people through a robust recruitment process and finally we facilitate the organisation to create an effective career development path, performance management system and succession planning. To achieve these we work with organisations to define a clear organisation structure, skill/competency matrix, effective JDs and KRAs, along with a robust KPI & goal setting platform.

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