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May 28, 2018

March 21, 2018

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December 3, 2018

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Scaling my Everest: Overcoming Stammering and Stage Fear

February 23, 2015

Though there are over 70 Million people who stammer and stutter and many million more who have stage fear, while growing up I felt I was the only one. Like so many others I felt lonely, ashamed, embarrassed, inferior and completely lacked Self-Esteem.


For as long as I can remember I stammered, sometimes slightly and at other times I would freeze and totally give up. I would want to hide and not speak to people at all. I avoided people in corridors and on the phone, because I was scared of stammering and stuttering when I spoke with them. In fact, I would walk the other way on seeing someone I need to wish. 


Saying “G..G…G…G…G…G…G..G….G…. good M..M..Morning” was no fun at all.



Never in my wildest dreams did I think, that one day, I would be a public speaker and make a living addressing many people.


Well, Let me tell you how I Scaled my Everest:

I was a shy, timid little kid who stammered whenever put in a spot or in the limelight. For years I wondered whether that shy, timid little kid who stammered, was shy and timid ??because he stammered or stammered because he was shy and timid??







Is it the problem that creates the mind-set or the mind-set that creates the problem?


While growing up I made myself believe the former and therein lay the problem; however,

my life turned around the day I began to believe the latter.



The 98-2% Principle


This is the Belief Principle that guides all the others. Without this belief no other holds ground. So what do I mean by this.


Well simply put….. 98% of all obstacles and problems are in the head,

 and the real problem is just 2%. 


It starts with your own belief in being able to overcome that mental obstacle in front of you. Once you truly believe, then 98% of the work is done and the rest remains in executing and following through on your belief.


Of course this is easier said than done, one needs to maintain the belief through all difficulties, failures and challenges one faces en route. 


Sometimes one can do everything right and still not see the light at the

end of the tunnel, and here is where one needs to keep the faith and “bash

on regardless”. 


Explore other ways of overcoming what’s in front, not because you have a ready-made solution to fix it, but as you believe it can be done.


Positive Self-Talk and Brainwashing


Once the first barrier of the mind is conquered one needs to build Self-confidence and belief in oneself. Many people say that confidence is the key to it all; however, very few talk about how to build it.


If I were to suddenly ask you the following questions:   


  • What makes you important

  • What makes you competent

  • What makes you likable

  • What makes you successful

How long would it take you to answer these questions?


The trick is in making yourself aware of your strengths and also building on them by creating action plans to make oneself more Important, Competent, Likable & Successful.



Are they at the tip of your tongue? 


The fact is that most of us spend far too much time and energy focusing on the other end of the spectrum.