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study skills

​Children have a natural curiosity for learning which Regular School Classes can not nurture. In School the child must follow their curriculum and gain good marks. However learning is a process which goes beyond school studies. In this workshop children are introduced to concepts of Learning for Pleasure, Time Management, Goal Setting, Self Motivated Studies for Exams, Basic Memory Improvement, and Keeping a Positive Attitude through whatever life throws at them. 

Workshop Details

10 hours, 10 sessions, Eligibility 8 to 14 years

Session 1 Generating Interest in Learning

Session 2 Understanding Time

Session 3 Setting Lifetime Goals

Session 4 Motivating Self Study

Session 5 Gathering and Organizing Information

Session 6 Preparing for Exams

Session 7 – ABC of Stress

Session 8 Keeping Positive

Session 9 Society and You

Session 10 – Feedback and Final Project

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