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Everyone has days in their lives when everything seems to be amiss. From morning coffee not being hot enough, to being stuck in traffic on the way to work, to getting yelled at by the boss for being late to work. However, having a bad day is a normal part of life. The problem starts when a bad day turns into a bad week which turns into a bad month and the cycle continues. At a time like that, you ought to remember that everyone goes through a bad phase at least once in their lives and things do get better.

The biggest challenge that you face when things go sideways is that you feel helpless, which leads to being grumpy and frustrated. At such a time, take a step back and take a deep breath. I know what you are thinking as you read this, you feel like throwing a punch at me. But I request you, please read further. I am not saying one deep breath will solve all your problems, it is like telling somebody who is angry to calm down, it does not work. I am suggesting you take a deep breath to feel in control of yourself because for many people being vulnerable feels like the end of the world. This is one way of feeling in control.

Let’s look at some tips to stay positive and overcome a bad day or phase:

Talk to a Friend :

Talk to a friend

People tend to isolate themselves when they are upset. Everyone has that one friend who is a phone call away. Call and talk to him/her. Talking to people who care about you, will make you realize that even if things are not going as you have planned, you at least have someone in your corner. Sometimes, your friend may also be going through something similar and this will make you feel less lonely.

avoid dwelling in the past

Avoid dwelling in the Past: Most of your sorrows are a result of your past. If you choose to think and rethink about the past, you tend to make yourself even more miserable. It is important to remember no one can change what has happened. But you can choose to learn and move on. Keep your thoughts in the present will help you focus on what you can control. Your actions and reactions in the present are in your hands.

recall good things

● Recall Good Times: If you cannot stop your thoughts from wandering in the past, think about the good times instead of the bad. Many people tend to remember the times when something bad happened and then relive it. Instead, try to remember as many good things that you did and that happened to you. When you recall the good times, you tend to bring a smile on your face.

accept what is as is

● Accept what is as is: Avoid categorizing things into good or bad. If there is nothing good or bad, then you learn to accept things as they are. If you let things be, you will realize that your emotional reactions to things are solely dependent on how you choose to perceive them. The moment you stop categorizing, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest.

One positive thing: Make it a practice to note down one good thing that happened during the day in a journal. It could be as small as you catch the bus you thought you’d miss. On days you feel like nothing has gone right, read that journal. It will help boost your spirit and make you feel a little better and help you feel grateful for small things each day. Staying positive is more than important in the current scenario. It helps boost immunity, build better relationships and increase productivity.

one positive thing

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