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8 Tip to Ensuring Job Security

ensuring job security

In today’s era of cutthroat competition and cost cuts, keeping a job is as challenging as finding one. There is nothing like a ‘permanent’ job at least in the private sector. To be retained by your company, you not only need to do your job well, but you also need to take initiative, stand out from the other employees and become a valued contributor to your organisation. Here are some simple tips for increasing your value to your employer. These can bring you many positive benefits including increased job security, increments and promotions.

1. Set effective goals: Set both short- and long-term goals for yourself. Make sure these goals are in line with your organisation’s vision and goals. This will ensure that every action you take contributes to the organisation in the long run.

2. Be a problem-solver: Every organisation faces some problems. Look at these problems as opportunities. Find out which problems your employer would most like to see solved. Try to solve as many of these problems as possible so that your employer never feels the need to look elsewhere.

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3. Display Adaptability: Be the one who says YES! A lot of times, you may come face to face with situations and tasks that are completely out of your comfort zone. Accept these tasks and take them on as a challenge. This shows your employer that you are dynamic and can adapt to changing business scenarios.

4. Stand out by taking initiative: Most employees simply do what they are told to do, the way they are told to do it and when they are told to do it. Don’t wait for your boss to micromanage you. If you have an idea or a solution, present it with confidence.

5. Build your confidence: Remember, no one was born knowing everything. People become experts after years of hard work, dedication and a lot of mistakes along the way. Don’t get nervous if you make a mistake or two. If you learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat the same ones you’re doing well.


6. Upskill: Keep increasing your knowledge and skills on a regular basis. Set aside some time every week only for doing this. This is not a very challenging task nowadays due to the abundance of knowledge available across the web and on various apps. Find out which courses will help your career and make sure you register for them.

7. Ask for feedback: Ask your manager how you are doing on a regular basis. The first step to self-improvement is seeking feedback. It not only helps you get your head out of the sand, but also shows your boss that you care about your work.

8. Document your value to the organization: Keep a record of everything you do, highlighting your accomplishments. Don’t assume that your boss knows all that you do. Use this documentation for updating your resume, preparing for performance evaluations and making a case for requested pay raises or promotions. Remember, you will get that appraisal if you can justify it.

Ensuring job security

Each of these tips requires action. Many people worry about the lack of job security instead of actually doing something about it. Don't join them! If you would like professional assistance in developing this type of job security, you can check out Search 4 Excellence consulting services.

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