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(S.P.I.C.E.- Smart, Participative, Interactive, Communicative & Engaging)

Are you bored of one-way webinars where all you can do is to listen to the speaker and the only way to participate is through polls and chats?

Well then give us an opportunity to spice up your online training experience and come attend our S.P.I.C.E. Workshop!
This workshop is equipped with two-way interaction and various engagement tools to make the session more engaging and fun.



The COVID situation has resulted in a decline of sales and buying capacity of the people. In thecurrent situation the competition is cut throat which means that only the people who can sellwill survive.

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This has made remarkable selling skills one of the most crucial skills in the current environment. Come join our session to learn ways to penetrate the market and empower yourself with selling skills that can make you a millionaire.

Come join our Master Trainer and Sales Coach Nishchay Motadoo for our S.P.I.C.E Workshop- 'BECOME A MILLIONAIRE BY SELLING VIRTUALLY' to understand how you can boost your sales in the virtual world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the Impact of CoVid on Sales

  • Sell Virtually in the CoVid and post CoVid Market

  • Think like the best salesmen in the world

  • Boost sales and profitability to become rich


In order to keep our S.P.I.C.E. WORKSHOP engaging, the session includes:



Nishchay, is a friend, trainer and coach whose easy conversational style leads individual in the right direction, rekindling aspirations and, step by step, paving the sure-fire way to  conquer them. He helps them connect their brain and their heart in a way that  transforms their passion and their dreams in actions for a better life. He is dedicated to helping people get unstuck by working on their identity and be unstoppable in every area of their lives. His mission is inspiring others to live more fulfilling lives.

To know more about Nishchay, click here.


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2 hours session.


Choose as per you convenience

Your Investment:

Time and Focus

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'It was a very effective session and learned a lot about EQ in this session. Looking forward for more e-workshops on developing EQ.'

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