a. k. a Mr. Zealous

Nishchay is a dynamic person who constantly looks for new opportunities and doesn't really believe in taking breaks. You never know what he is thinking. And trust us he thinks a lot. So much that he forgets to sleep, eat or drink. When he is not working, he is planning. He has a brain that works 24*7.


His love for the equestrian field is very well known and he fulfilled his passion for horses too by training race horses in one of the country’s top stables.

Empowering people has always been an obsession for him and his ability to understand and tackle difficult situations well has enabled him to become the first person people run to when they face any problem or when they want an intellectual conversation


He is innovative, versatile, charming and tenacious and does everything he does with style

Having a great business acumen and a calm, strategic mind enables him to make long term plans. He believes in the development of the team as whole and the plans made there by ensure the same.

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