Stepping into the Corporate World

Not very long ago, I took my first step into the corporate world. My first job, first salary and the beginning of my independence. It made me feel powerful. However, as my journey proceeded I started realising how true was the statement made by Spiderman that ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ In the transition from campus to corporate, a fresher has a big challenge to adapt to the change, the travel is from semesters and exams to deadlines and performance appraisals. College life is mostly care-free, mass bunking, skipping lessons, spending more time in cafeteria than in class and still making your grades. You have teachers who are focused on enhancing your learning quotient. Ho

The Mummy Returns

Career breaks can happen because of many reasons. The most common reason among women, is taking time off to have and raise children. Some women jump back to their jobs right away, while others take a while to spend several years with their children before getting back to work. After the break, when you want to start working again, it can seem like a very daunting task. With constant change happening around us, a few years of not keeping up, can make you feel very outdated. I, personally found it very difficult to get back to working after taking a break for 8 years. I gave up my job in Dubai and moved back to India to settle and start a family in a new city. I gave up my career to build a ne

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