Leading In a VUCA World

Today everyone is talking about VUCA and what it means to lead in a such an environment. The question is "Are there any different competencies a VUCA leader needs to have or is it just that some competencies need to be further honed and developed into strengths?" First let's reiterate what exactly the VUCA World is: V = Volatile. Today's business environment is constantly changing. The change occurs at varying speeds and can happen with varying intensity at different times and in different situations. U = Uncertain. The ability to predict the changes and the intensity is no longer that easy. There are times when people are surprised when faced with various issues and events. C = Complex. Tod


There are various options available in India today for understanding and promoting mental health along with providing proper care and facilitation for the same. Although there are various traditional methods available, today through this post, let's shed some more light on a well established form of therapy that is primarily used in Europe and U.S.A but is slowly but surely gaining importance in India. Dance Movement Therapy. Like any other expression based therapy, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is based on the idea that an individual will express himself/herself openly in an environment that is supportive and nurturing and this in turn will help promote healing. Dance Movement Therapy finds

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